This week I'm rocking this blend of "Bratty-Be-Gone." Everyone knows that a stereotypical pregnant woman can have mood swings. For me I experience what I would call a "shorter fuse." I can ward off my mean inner self with everyone except my sweet husband. Not because he deserves it, but because he is where I feel the most safe. I let myself get lazy in my attempts to be kind and it ends up hurting my favorite human.

My husband has all the patience in the world for me and even manages to love the inner beast that rears her ugly head, but what he has asked me to do is to acknowledge that I'm struggling. That gives him the opportunity to add an extra measure of patience and understanding.

The trouble is, being rude is humiliating. I know I'm doing it and I feel like I can't stop it. For some reason, my pride does not want me to admit that I'm struggling. I like to believe that this mood is something I can conquer because I'm strong enough. The truth is, I am experiencing significant changes in my hormone levels, I'm tired from being sick, I'm tired from working so hard to be kind and I am a sinner.

My husband is too important to me to not do whatever I can to be kind to him. Even if that means being a little vulnerable and telling him in having a tough time ;) I reached out to my oils gal, Emma, and she made me this blend of essential oils. She reads about this stuff like its her job and she knew just what I would need. While I don't believe oils are the only answer for fixing my mood, they are super helpful and are a great natural approach to leveling out your hormones. Most of all, this little bottle is a physical reminder that I have a choice about how I set my mood.

My new routine starts with a prayer that I can quickly surrender my pride, that I can be vulnerable about my struggles and that I can be filled with kindness. Then I spray a little Bratty-Be-Gone and I'm on my way!

You can read about the different elements found in my Bratty-Be-Gone below. If you want to find out what the actual recipe is, you can email my gal, Emma, at She'd be happy to help!

Citrus Bliss®


The harmonious blend of Citrus Bliss combines the powerful benefits of popular citrus essential oils.

  • Merges Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine, and Clementine essential oils with a hint of vanilla
  • Cleanses and purifies the air
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Positively affects mood with energizing and refreshing properties


Citrus X paradisi

Energizing and invigorating, Grapefruit is renowned for its cleansing and purifying benefits.

  • Beneficial for oily skin issues
  • Supports a healthy metabolism*
  • Boosts motivation

White Fir

Abies alba

Derived from the soft needles of the white fir tree, White Fir is most notable for soothing sore muscles and joints.

  • Bright, holiday scent
  • Energizing aroma
  • Promotes feelings of stability

Descriptions of blends all come directly from doTERRA's website:

What's this about?

I freaking love marriage. I think it's the most amazing relationship we can experience this side of heaven. I think it takes commitment, courage, humility, love, surrender, passion, sex, tears, selflessness, patience, kindness, empathy, investment and prayer. It's the most rewarding relationship, but it can be hard. There is so much to be learned in the journey of marriage and I feel incredibly fortunate enough to have learned some of those lessons long before I even met Nate. On this page, I will be sharing the things that have helped me along the way. A lot of these lessons first came from my parents' marriage (a pastor and a PHD who are awkwardly madly in love). They were passionate about teaching my how to love well and attack conflict in a way that moves you forward and keeps the injuries few. As my mom would say, "your relationship is TOO IMPORTANT". I've also learned a lot from my community. Whether it be sermons, weekend retreats, talks over wine, or tough conversations over the phone in the middle of the night - I've learned a lot from the people who speak into my life and the people who I love. The way I learn the most probably, is through experience. Nate and I have lived a VERY full life in our short 7 years of marriage and we have a marriage that I've always been obsessed with (mostly because - I'm sorry girls - I literally got the best one of the bunch). It's not always easy, but it's everything I couldn't have even dreamt up. As Jack's Mannequin would put it, "we were made for each other" now all we have to do is do is give it all we've got!