sometimes you need a buddy

Sometimes daring yourself isn't enough, you need a buddy. I knew I wanted to start going on new hikes, but I know nothing about nature. So, I texted this fine woman to see if she would be my guide! Thank heaven she said, "yes" because this beautiful hour-long hike was not only a great way to start off my Sunday on the "right foot" (bah!), but I had the pleasure of talking life with and being encouraged by the one and only @danaekt

drinking calories

Pregnancy felt like timeout. Confession: I am guilty of drinking my calories. If my body could survive on white chocolate Americanos w cream, milkshakes and a glass of wine, I would never take another bite of food. The trouble w pregnancy is, you're advised to watch your sugar intake, limit your caffeine and cut out alcohol. I was sad to say bye to all my liquid friends, until I found this guy! It's bubbly, naturally flavored and ADORABLE. My little Teddy is over a year and I'm still drinking them! 


Make a Blog - I dare you

This past year and half has been nutty! Along with all my usual shenanigans, I became a mom, accidentally flipped a house and I became a business owner with this sexy lady (my sister), my mom and our friend Denise. This blog started out as a "fitness type account" on Facebook and was going to be my outlet to share all the craziness I was learning in keeping a momma bod in shape, caring for a tiny baby, cooking heathy meals (what!?) and the like. I don't like to fail, so I do little dares to get me to the top. First dare: I dared myself to create an account for the health of it. Done. Now I'm here on this blog! One more dare down!